An Interview with Joni Reeves

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

My name is Joni, I am 37, I am a proud fiancé, father, Son, brother and Uncle. Family is extremely important to me and the reason I push myself to be the best I can be. 

What school did you attend?

South Craven, unfortunately I left with no GCSE’S as I planned to join the Royal Paratroopers.

Did you join up? 

Sadly not, on joining you are asked how you feel about killing on order, I told them I would need a reason why and they informed me that isn’t how it works and if you cannot kill on command then joining isn’t an option, so I left.

What did you do next?

Having always wanting to be a solider I felt completely lost, I actually ended up working in Morrison’s! 

Tell me about your journey from apprentice to business owner:

At 17 years old I moved in with my Grandma to support her, her next door neighbour was a floorer but he was quite a small gentleman and needed someone strong to lift and carry so I started to help him. After a short time helping out, I developed an interest in flooring and when his apprentice left he gave me the job! 

What was the next big step?

I worked for him for just over 2 years, soaking up every bit of knowledge I could and at 20 years old I opened my first carpet shop! That business ran for 2 years but I didn’t feel it was working so I switched to contracting, did 2 more apprenticeships in impervious flooring and wood flooring and focused on that for 6 years. 

Then came the property boom, at this point I starting running installations on building sites, we’d be given a plot of say, 20 houses, and it was my job to put together a group of floorers and get the job done.

At 26 years old, I set up a commercial contracting firm with my original trainee as my business partner! We turned over 2.5 million a year within 2 years but I fell out of love with contracting work as we were doing mainly hospitals and schools where the jobs were speed based rather than quality based. The quality of the work wasn’t appreciated, it always came down to how fast and how cheaply the job could be done. I was unhappy working against my belief and principles so in 2012 I sold my shares in the business and launched Reeves Flooring.

Reeves Flooring was born from my passion for high quality products and service, bespoke and unique design and desire to offer a complete service from order to installation. I have owned and managed Reeves Flooring for 6 years, having previously always worked on the contracting and installation side of the industry it took me a couple of years to find my feet, once I had learned the ropes and found my footing we launched the showroom and the rest they say, is history! 

This year we have rebranded the company, we still offer the same high quality, only using the best suppliers, designing and delivering our customers dream flooring and taking on the difficult jobs that my reputation as a perfectionist that won’t be beaten brings us, but we felt a new modern brand with a name that truly representing us as a business was the next logical step so …. The Floor Design Studio Ltd was born! 

What do you think is the secret to your success? 

I live, breath and sleep flooring! I love it, I continually grow my knowledge and skill and pass that to the customer in every job I do. I meet every customer personally, I’m physically involved in the installation of 90% of our jobs and oversee 100%, this ensures that every single job is completed to the highest standards. 

I know that your determination to succeed is inspired by your family, tell me about them:

Jade is my finance and right hand woman, we are getting married his year. We have 2 Sons and a daughter, Callum 16 is about to start an apprenticeship in mechanics as cars are his passion, Tyler 11 has just completed his SATs and is starting secondary school in September, he is obsessed with World War 1 and fire arms, his knowledge is unbelievable and a recent day out to The Royal Armouries was probably the best day of his life! And then theirs Amber, just turned 2, the boss!! She is the most determined and stubborn individual I have ever met, she is very forward and confident, and has an understanding of everything that’s going on right down to the timings of our daily routines. In a morning she’s the first to let you know if your running late, she is just an amazing little girl! 

Describe yourself in 5 words:

Passionate, persistent, irritating, honest … and moody! 

What did 5 year old Joni want to be:

He-man!! I loved nothing more than running around in my red underpants and wellies with a plastic sword by my side! 

Do you have any hobbies?

I love making things out of wood. This weekend I made a fireplace, I really enjoyed that. I also enjoy the gym but that’s a practical hobby as I need to stay fit and strong for carrying heavy carpets about! 

Whats your favourite film?

Rocky 3! 

Favourite song?

Get Off, Prince!

The Last stupid thing you did?

Dropped a sander on my foot making the fireplace!

The last thing that really made you laugh?

Lee Evans stand up! 

What is your ‘big goal’?

To leave a name in flooring that lasts longer than me! 

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